Women should wear makeup, girls wear dresses, it’s not lady like to sit with your legs uncrossed, women wear pearls and heels… Do any of these sound familiar to you ladies? I hope I’m not alone when I say that all of these overly exaggerated perceptions of womanhood and being feminine is hogwash to me. … More Feminity


Now that I’m 40!

For a long time I was dreading getting a year older and quite frankly I was depressed. It seemed as the months rolled by and the days passed I fell deeper into depression. All of the goals, aspirations I set out for myself by age forty were halfway done. How did I get here in … More Now that I’m 40!

Unlimited faith

If you’re anything like me who was raised in a faith based family and environment you are familiar with hearing this over and over as a kid growing up…. ” faith without works is dead”. Or Hebrews 11:1 now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen”. You hear … More Unlimited faith

Through our eyes~~~

Just a few days ago I was afforded the opportunity to speak with a couple about their relationship. Their relationship is a bit different from your typical relationship or what society would define as a normal couple. Carmen a bright vibrant twenty something young woman is in a relationship with Richard who also is a … More Through our eyes~~~

When she came out

It now has been six years since I got the phone call of my life that would change the way I viewed life forever. You called me and I could tell in your voice something just wasn’t quite right with you. The uneasiness in your tone, the long pauses was what I thought to be … More When she came out

Enemy vs. Frenemy

How do you define enemy? We see this word floating around so much in our day to day lives that we never truly take a step back and truly define this word for ourselves. Sure we can google it or even look it up in the dictionary but what about personalizing this word in a … More Enemy vs. Frenemy

THE UnCommon Core

As a young college student back in the mid nineties I remember taking a stand for educational equality and thinking alongside my fellow classmates that a change needed to come as it relates to the educational system. It seemed that children were slipping through the cracks and didn’t have the necessary skills needed to thrive … More THE UnCommon Core